Aghyad AlSherfawi
Oprichter & Directeur

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Aghyad AlSherfawi is an ILLAFTrain certified self-development trainer and the founder of Consul-Tech, a training & consulting agency based in Groningen, the Netherlands.

A dynamic trainer who believes in value, Aghyad has trained over + 750 trainees in Syria and the Netherlands. He began his career in the Netherlands as a public speaker, transitioning between jobs across multiple sectors, and subsequently earned an instructor position at Alfa-college. During the past eight years, he has engaged his audiences in quality and practical training approaches that have helped them get the desired results.
However, he specializes in providing them resources that could enhance their skill sets, transform them into keen visionaries, and become more creative and productive in their work and social life.

Aghyad leverages his expertise to assist clients in maximizing their potential to achieve set goals. Also, he helps them transition from being ordinary professionals to driven professionals with a refined mindset and approach to problems. Aghyad is delighted to assist people in unlocking a better version of themselves.