10 Mar

On Tuesday the 25th of Feb 2020, we had a great introduction day over the B-VCA Training in Tigrinya, which we provide exclusively in the Netherlands in collaboration with our strategic partner Aspiraties.

This project was first developed as an assignment by Werkplein Ability 'The Municipality of Het Hogeland', for 18 newcomers with an Eritrese background 🇪🇷

Now, the participants are studying by using our unique E-learning system that is led by Aspiraties' Robot 🤖 and of course with the help of our professional coaches 👷🏻‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️

After a month of self-studying, we will meet the participants again for four physical training days to ensure that they are fully equipped with the knowledge required to pass the VCA exam in the Dutch/ English language 🎯

We are so happy with the enthusiasm and solid commitment of the participants to obtain the VCA certificate. And we are looking forward to the promising success rate by using our unique training method that will help participants understand the VCA concept in two languages; Tigrinya and the exam language (Dutch / English).

More information will follow soon 🌟

For more information over our unique VCA-B training system, you can contact us via;

📩 VCA@Consul-Tech.nl | 📲 +31 6 24 80 32 26