#Partners In Growth

Consul-Tech is a  training and consulting agency. We are a business that helps corporates and individuals to grow and evolve while eliminating downsides. Our focus is to bring you an outstanding, very professional services that you can always rely on. We are offering a multitude of services like; Personal development programs, Business consulting services, Public speaking services, as well as Events management.

Consul-Tech aims at helping both; national and international customers to adapt or-and adjust to the Dutch culture and work labour market fast and easy. Also, we are working closely with various organizations and companies to make it easier for every foreigner to find his/ her path in the country in a very seamless, reliable and very professional manner.

As one as our biggest targeted group, by coaching and assisting the newcomers we are supporting the local economy while also allowing them to establish their own career and forge a local connection with experts. Personal training is of major concern for us because we want to make it easy for everyone to self-develop and evolve naturally while getting access to the best opportunities they can acquire without any concerns. Aside from personal training, we do also offer business training for every profession. This means we can quickly help your employees master specific skills that will help at their workplace.

We firmly believe that learning is a virtue and with its help, you can easily reach the highest possible level within the professional and personal world. With the right amount of commitment, you can easily surpass the expectations and push yourself or your business to new heights while getting past the competition.


We created Consul-Tech because we want to help corporates train their employees while also handling tasks like event management, public speaking, or dealing with business issues. We know that it’s essential to grow and evolve your business at the highest level, and Consul-Tech is here to help you as much as possible. We are also assisting freelancers and solo entrepreneurs obtain the right assistance and support at their own pace.



With Consul-Tech, we want to create a platform where companies and individuals can arrive for assistance and support. Also, we want to make it easy for every business/ individuals to access all of the services they need in order to achieve effective success.



Our core values are integrity, professionalism, adaptability, and transparency. We are always staying behind our services and back them up with a professional guarantee. Our commitment is to help you expand your business/ career, improve on its core ideas while also making it easy to connect with new customers from within your region or all over the globe!