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Aghyad AlSherfawi is a certified self-development trainer from the renowned British organization, ILLAFTrain, which is one of the leading training companies in the Gulf countries. Since 2013, Aghyad has empowered over 1,000 trainees in Syria and the Netherlands, helping them unlock their potential and transform their lives.
As a self-development trainer, Aghyad focuses on:
  • Designing and executing training programs that enhance individuals' personal and professional lives by assessing training needs, facilitating sessions, and evaluating outcomes.
  • Creating innovative gamification and simulations to support training and development objectives.
  • Developing and implementing effective e-learning strategies to complement traditional training methods and facilitate self-paced learning.
Upon arriving in the Netherlands, Aghyad began his career as a public speaker, often working as a freelancer. Recognizing the cultural and communication gaps between newcomers and Dutch society, he turned his attention to addressing these issues. He presented courses on intercultural competencies, communication strategies, body language, and more to bridge the gap between diverse communities.
In November 2016, Aghyad secured his first work opportunity in the Netherlands as an instructor at Alfa College. His responsibilities included:
  • Coaching and advising clients with immigrant backgrounds, providing personalized support and guidance to foster their integration progress.
  • Presenting the "Oriëntatie Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt" (ONA) training to integration students, offering guidance and insights into navigating the Dutch labor market.
  • Assisting integration students in validating their diplomas through IDW and SBB, explaining their options for further educational opportunities.
  • Developing and delivering intercultural training workshops for colleagues, enhancing intercultural competencies, and presenting symposia to provide insights into target group backgrounds, cultures, norms, traditions, educational systems, and other relevant information.
  • Collaborating with colleagues to design and implement active learning methods and activities, promoting target group engagement and fostering their learning progress.
  • Planning and coordinating celebrations and events, such as Eid, Al-Adha, Ge'ez, and the Nowruz festivals, to cultivate harmony between the target group and staff.
  • Exploring and establishing partnerships with external organizations in the region, including sports clubs, student unions, social organizations, and enterprises, to create more opportunities for the target group's active integration, participation, language learning, and community involvement.
  • Serving as a cultural liaison and bridge-builder between integration students and staff, acting as a mediator and translator, leveraging his understanding of both cultural perspectives to facilitate compromise and mutual understanding, and promoting a harmonious environment.
Further, in 2017, Aghyad joined the Voorbeeld Allochtoon team as a project leader, where he:
  • Organized and led multiple cultural events aimed at fostering social cohesion and cross-cultural understanding between local citizens and newcomers.
  • Delivered inspiring speeches at theater shows across the Netherlands, recounting asylum seekers' experiences and journeys to raise awareness about their capabilities and potential contributions to Dutch society.
  • Participated in meetings and events with various governmental institutions and focus groups, sharing his personal integration experience and offering recommendations to enhance the integration and participation process for future newcomers.
Aghyad has also been involved in numerous volunteer activities across the Netherlands, such as working with 'Humanitas' to improve the general outlook of newcomers. Some of his volunteer projects include 'Samen' and 'The Human Library.'

Aghyad's goal is "to help newcomers create better opportunities to integrate into Dutch society and to expose their values."
Today, Aghyad offers a wide range of programs and services designed to support and empower newcomers in their journey to integrate into Dutch society. Through his extensive experience and passion for helping others, Aghyad has made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals who have faced challenges in adapting to their new environment.
As a refugee who has successfully navigated the challenges of integration, Aghyad brings a unique and valuable perspective to his work. His personal story is a testament to his resilience and determination, making him an inspiring example for others seeking to overcome similar obstacles.
By establishing Consul-Tech, Aghyad is committed to using his experience and expertise to help fellow refugees in the Netherlands, equipping them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in their new lives.

Discover more about Aghyad's inspiring journey and the impactful programs and services provided by Consul-Tech by exploring our website or contacting us directly. Together, let's work towards building a brighter future for newcomers in the Netherlands.