25 Apr

The topics of the session:

  1. How to login to your child’ school online study sites.
  2. How to find the daily online study tasks of your child.
  3. How to assist your child in practising the study exercises that is required from school.
  4. How to supervise your child during the online self-study process.
  5. How to communicate and report the study progress of your child to the teacher.

📆 The session will be presented in one day, and will last for two hours.

🗣 The session will be presented in the Arabic language.

📍 You can attend the online session via your mobile or any other device (Laptop / Tablet).

📱 For registration and for more information, you can contact us via 06 24 80 32 26 

These training has been established by the contribution of the European funds for asylum, migration and integration 🇪🇺