02 Mar

Mo Al Rawe is an Information Technology student and real estate entrepreneur with a great passion for the fields of data and security.

He is results-driven and dedicated to using his proficiencies to achieve bottom-line results while exceeding expectations upon delivery. In an ever-evolving field of technology, Mohammed strives to keep people informed on the latest industry tech while proffering training to broaden their knowledge on the use of IT systems.

As a real estate future owner, he is committed to offering people a suitable space for a working environment that fosters growth and productivity.

Mohammed enjoys working with people from various backgrounds and providing them with personable solutions to their problems.

He is humble, diligent, trustworthy, and passionate about seeing people fulfilled. However, he derives satisfaction in educating people by sharing his knowledge, skill, and experience.

Today, Moe is offering his ICT experiences to teach newcomers how to use #Microsoft_Office_Programs professionally under a unique project launched by Consul-Tech, called; ‘The Free Computer Courses in Groningen’.