31 Jan
Lama Ahmad Mukahel is a dedicated English teacher with a knack for helping teaching professionals become more adept and passionate about what they do. Having worked in this field for over 15 years, she has worked in various facets of this field across the globe.

Lama works collaboratively with both teachers and students to see that the teaching professional achieves hallmark success all over the world. An empathetic individual, she continues to hone her interpersonal and professional skills in others to stay more relevant in her work. A team player, Lama desires to proffer these teachers with tools and adequate resources that can propel them to become more dedicated about their career. Lama is both an avid teacher and learner with a vast wealth of knowledge and an uncontainable zest to impart lives.

Today, for the third year in a row, Lama is teaching English for three different levels for more than +75 students from different nationalities within a project called; ‘The Free English Courses in Groningen’ which has been established in cooperation with Consul-Tech, the Link 050 and MJD Groningen ( Migranten Aan Zet Project), and funded by the #European_Union.