Effective communication: is an important life skill that enables us to connect and understand people around us in a better way. It gives us the possibilities to enhance success, understanding, trustiness, respect, teamwork, decision-making and problem-solving in our personal and professional relationships. Also, it allows us to convey our opinions and ideas to others successfully.

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Communication strategies (Effective communication)

During this Effective Communication training course, candidates will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the impact of communication on others, and how to improve personal communication skills to a level where information can be conveyed efficiently and effectively. Using communication wisely and efficaciously will mean that it will become easier to attain better results and the outcome of exchanges will be more productive. This course specialises in the use of communication within a business environment. The communicative ability not only involves the capability to convey information but also to be able to listen to others and receive information. Hence, this training course includes listening based exercises and quizzes to emphasise the importance of listening to effective communication.

Whom is this course suited to?
This course is recommended for anyone who desires improvement of the communication skills of themselves or their employees, in order to enhance efficacy and productivity within the workplace and in their personal life.

Trainees will learn:

  • What are the communication strategies and what are the elements of effective communication
  • How to deal with different types of communications (verbal, non-verbal, direct, non-direct)
  • Why communication breaks down, and what are the skills required to ensure that communication is effective
  • How to improve their intercultural competencies, and how to avoid cultural misunderstanding
  • How to develop and convey key messages by using mirroring and matching (Rapport)

* Please note that courses size can be maximized or minimized regarding outputs preference. And the maximum session can be up to 2,5 hours per day. (These preferences are influencing the price of each course)