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Beyond the faithful translation of a text, it is often necessary to revise texts translated by you to control the accuracy of legal or business-specific terms, or simply to ensure consistency between the subtle expressions of everyday language.

Native translators

For such linguistic revision or comparative reading, CONSUL-TECH uses graduate linguists and native speakers of the target language translators, able to write according to a specific audience. These specialists are the translation – revision guarantees the quality of your writing and your company image.

With this fix, errors of translation and shells disappear from your business documents: misinterpretation, false friends, typographical errors, or too literal translation. Proofreading in English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic to name only the most common requests, sift through proofreading our expert translators.
This translation control becomes particularly useful when the source itself is insufficient because of the weakness of vocabulary or syntax. To avoid unpleasant surprises, take to CONSUL-TECH proofreading in Arabic, Dutch and any other language of your technical documents or communications.

Correcting translation

According to FACT-Finder, a leader in research and browsing online, nearly 40 % of searches conducted on Internet shopping sites are not income due to differences between what is written by those who visit the page and the text of the page itself.


Proofreading is essential when translating any kind of project. In order to have an accurate and error-free professional translation, you need expert proofreaders. Luckily, we have an experienced team on hand to take care of this!

When adding the proofreading service to your order, your project will be meticulously revised by our specialised editing and proofreading team to ensure that no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors go unnoticed. When adding the proofreading service to your translation, our team of professional proofreaders will also ensure that the final project reads comfortably and has the proper tone to meet the text’s requirements.

Proofreading is crucial in terms of turning a good translation into an excellent translation. Why? Because no matter how good the translator is, human errors can still occur, and the flow and message of a text can be lost as a result. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes is exactly what’s needed to find and correct anything that could prevent your translation from reaching its full potential.

Our regular clients understand that when it comes to producing a translation of the highest quality, it’s the details that count. That’s why every day, more and more people are getting on board with our proofreading service. Even if your original translation hasn’t been done by us, we’ll be more than happy to have a second look at it. This way, you’ll be guaranteed a translation that stands out from the rest.

To use a translation agency, proofreading and correction for your technical documents are essential for translation and neat and meticulous transcription of your texts and documents.

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