Benjamin Brouwer
Adviseur Strategische Ontwikkeling

Business & Management Gids 🌍 Visie- en Groeiplanner 🚀 Innovatie en Duurzaamheid Voorstander 🌱 Gedreven door Uitdaging en Prestaties 🎯

As a young International Business student and starting business professional with a heart for coaching, motivating and supporting people, Benjamin aims to bring up the best in people when working with them.

As a natural team player, Benjamin attempts to create operational synergies in working groups, by analysing the skills of the individual members and providing feedback on team members on how they can put respective skills to practice. By using these synergies optimally, Benjamin is able to organise trains of thought of employees to find common grounds from different perspectives, to arrive at the perfect compromised solution. 

Benjamin made his introduction in Consul-Tech in 2018, when he partly organised an entrepreneurship course for newcomers willing to start their own business ventures. He aligned his excellent people skills to his additional work as a coach during the project, to maximize the output of the participants. Currently, Benjamin works as a translator EN > DU for Consul-Tech. 

Next to his work for Consul-Tech, Benjamin currently works as an intern in international automotive (parts) logistics at AEC Europe GmbH in Munich, Germany.