Mouaiad Alcharfaoui
Senior Consultant

Strategisch Adviseur en Ontwikkelaar 💼 HR en Strategie Expert 🧠 Beleidsmaker en Implementator 📜 Visionair Leiderschap 🎯 Gedreven door Resultaten en Verbetering 🔎 Innovator in Bedrijfsontwikkeling 💡

Mouaiad Alcharfaoui is a graduate of Economics and a result-driven professional with years of experience cutting across multiple fields. With over a decade’s collective experience, he has worked in the fields of Quality, Human Resources, and Management. In his career years, he has gained extensive knowledge, and his wealth of career experience makes him a valuable member of any team.

However, Mouaiad has developed a comprehensive skill set including problem-solving, time management, attention-to-detail, organizational, analytical thinking skills, amongst others. His incredible work ethic, combined with his zest for success, makes carrying out responsibilities seamless.

Furthermore, Mouaiad delights in keeping individuals who are in the field of self-development, human resource, marketing, sales, management, and quality informed. He is a team-player and a leader with deep insights into practical and strategic approaches to complex issues. Also, he finds his career path to be satisfying as it allows him to showcase his skills and also build positive relationships. Mouaiad is a professional you would love to have on your team.