The training program in the field of 'Occupational safety and health', in which trainees will acquire the needed information and knowledge over the foundations of effective health and safety planning tools. And this will cover a wide range of the VCA-B concepts which will enable the trainees to understand the principles of risk management such as; security policies, procedures, physical security (location), incident management and how to investigate it. In addition, trainees will acquire modern security and safety management skills and techniques that will be applied in real working life.

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Why to train with us:

  • Expert Trainers who speak your mother tongue.
  • Unique Training Methods.
  • Easy and simple study panel.
  • Intelligent e-learning platform that is powered by Aspiraties Robot.
  • Control your study process based on weekly reports and daily support.
  • Guaranteed passing.

What is VCA Basis:

VCA-B is a safety diploma which is extended from the field of working safely and healthy. However, it stands for VGM which means; safety, health and environment.
It is intended for executive employees without a managerial role. And with this diploma, someone demonstrates that he or she has mastered the basic knowledge of working safely and healthy. So, after acquiring the diploma, you will be then familiar with the Dutch working conditions act and regulations, recognizing unsafe situations and actions, and preventing occupational accidents.
However, the VCA Basic diploma is often requested by employers or clients when high-risk activities have to be carried out.

For whom this training for:

  • Petrochemical companies
  • Chemical industry
  • Electrical engineering sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Construction companies
  • Freight transportation
  • Green facility
  • Technical sector
  • Traffic controllers
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Architecture
  • Scaffolding
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Civil engineering
  • Inspection
  • Construction sector
  • Process control
  • Furniture industry
  • Painters industry
  • Self-employed persons
  • Employment agencies

Course objectives:

  • Understanding the general concept of occupational health and safety.
  • Achieving a safe and risk-free work environment that is immune to risk in fieldwork.
  • Maintaining the health and safety of workers and applying quality standards.
  • Creating a culture of complete awareness among employees of safety principles and standards at fieldwork time.
  • Identify the different risks within the work environment (office and field).
  • Knowing how to deal with various risks in the work environment after they occur.
  • What are the OSH planning tools.
  • How to prove working safely, and how to prevent accidents.
  • Create a working plan, and identify the potential risks to be avoided.
  • The needed actions while occurring incidents and emergencies.
  • The rights and duties of employees and employers.

Our training method:

In order to cover and deliver the full concept of the occupational health and safety knowledge to our trainees we have divided our training method into two different study concepts which are; 

  • The E-learning Study Process;
    In this process, the trainees start studying through our developed E-learning system which is lead by a third party intelligent robot powered by Aspiraties. And the features of this study process are; 
    • A Software and an app that can be installed on all systems or devices. So, the trainees can log in to the system by one click. And the using of the website is simple and smooth.
    • A study platform that matches the digital experience of all of the trainees.
    • Full tutorial videos over using the system, and the functions of the robot during the e-learning study process.
    • Occupational health and safety study materials and this includes;
      • The book, which includes 160 pages, 12 chapters.
      • Video learning, which includes 12 study chapters.
      • 14 Proof exams, which includes 450 questions.
      • Gamification and active learning methods.
    • A full guidance by Aspiraties Intelligent Robot, and this includes;
      • Daily advising and reminding to the trainees over the study process through WhatsApp.
      • A full reporting function to the trainees and their managers, and this include;
        • The daily study hours of each trainee.
        • Full study process report based on each task.
        • Advising and guiding through the robot over the chapters that the trainees should restudy.
        • The general impression of the Aspiraties Robot over the trainees which includes the advising conclusion of attending the exam or not.
        • The full flow of communication between trainees and the internal team.
    • Individual coaching and guiding through the intern team, and this includes;
      • Daily support through the system and the WhatsApp study group.
      • Weekly individual follow-up with the trainees.

  • The Physical Training Process;
    After having a sufficient self-study process, now the trainees are ready to join the 5 days physical training. 
    • Day 1; 4 interactive training hours; book recapping.
    • Day 2; 4 hours divided in recapping the videos and a Q&A session.
    • Day 3; 4 hours for reviewing the most important points in the proof questions.
    • Day 4; 4 hours to review the most important topics that come in the final exam.
    • Day 5; The exam.

Our expert trainers:

Consul-Tech in cooperation with Aspiraties are offering the VCA-B training under the guidance of our expert trainers who have worked in this field for a few years but also have trained hundreds of trainees in the past two years.
Our trainers do speak Arabic and Tigrinya languages as native speakers which are in the advantage of the trainees in order to deliver the full information in their mother tongue, and this will reduce the gap of the language if it existed.

Possible program languages:

  • Arabic
  • Tigrinya (Language of Eritreans)
  • Dutch
  • English

Possible training packages:

  1. Golden package

    This includes both; The E-learning study process besides having physical training at the end of the period before the exam takes place.
  2. Premium package

    This includes physical training without the self e-learning study process. Within this package, the trainee will get 4 training days in total of 16 interactive training hours. During these days, the trainee will get the most important point over the occupational health and safety at the workplace. However, the trainee must have studied the materials before attending this training. 
  3. E-Package

    This package will include the full e-learning self-study process which has full access to the materials of the VCA-B concept besides all the mentioned features above that is related to the e-learning.

To register as an individual or organisation, please, contact us through the following link by clicking here.