Diensten voor Openbaar Spreken

Are you looking for a speaker? Perhaps an inspiring speaker, a speaker with a migrant story, or perhaps a speaker on the diversities topics?
Since a few years, our speakers have been booked for conferences, lectures and national-and-international companies.
There are a series of topics that we speak about. All these topics are always accompanied by years of knowledge and experiences. And we are always bound to who we are, what we have done, and what we stand for. All the themes that we speak about can always be traced back to our personal stories, with personal examples, so the lecture can immediately make a personal connection with the audience. Regardless of how big or small the audience is. Sometimes with a bit of humour and above all, always the speech should be inspirational and innovative.

The Netherlands has multiculturally changed, which requires a speaker from this times; a citizen who has experienced this country in combination with his own.

You can book one of our speakers for the following topics:

  • Sharing the personal experiences as a newcomer in a host country.
  • Presenting general symposiums about the Syrian and the Eritrean culture, education, economy and other basic topics for national and international parties.
  • Ethnic Diversity (Increasing the awareness of the differences between cultures).
  • Providing motivational and inspirational speeches for different kinds of audience.

Regularly, our speakers get booked to share their stories as migrants/ newcomers. That always inspires the people but above all, it is for enlightening. Our speakers speak in most of the times about the diversity and the intercultural communications. Because both of them have a direct connection to their professional and personal life. So, whether you are immigrant or autochthonous, you will certainly be inspired and will gain new insights, because the principles are applicable to everyone!

For whom? 

In principle for everyone. Diversities and intercultural communication are topics which are most interesting for multinationals and governmental organizations. The rest is freely accessible like young people from diverse ethnic backgrounds or even for students.

For whom did we speak?

In recent years we have stood on many stages and have spoken for many companies and institutions, nationally and internationally.

Possible booking duration

Our speakers can be booked between 15 minutes to 90 minutes.

'Because we care.'

For more information over our public speaking services, please, click here.