Consul-Tech and Aspiraties are proud to announce a new promising strategic partnership that will help both companies to better serve their clients by providing them with high-quality services, and worthy values and experience.


Consul-Tech is a training and consulting agency that is based in Groningen, the Netherlands. And it offers a wide range of training programs and consulting services that are targeting different kinds of society segmentations.
Aspiraties is a tech and solutions company that is based in Zeeland, the Netherlands. Aspiraties do provide different types of IT services like creating online platforms and building websites which most of them are educationally based.


The reason why these two companies have entered a strategic partnership is that they want to support and empower the integration system in the Netherlands by offering e-learning platforms which will allow the newcomers not only in the Netherlands but in all Europe to access them and get the benefit of the world’s best e-learning experience.

According to the agreement, these platforms will focus on a variety of different programs and solutions. These include professions-related topics, personal development, life coaching and other training focused programs. All of these programs and services are designed to offer the newcomers a very good set of outcomes which will have a positive impact on the economy by bringing in front a very impressive return on investment.

There are many newcomers all over Europe and the Netherlands in particular that they are obligated to have specific certificates and skills to stand out in their desired industry. Therefore, Consul-Tech in cooperation with Aspiraties will offer them some of these requirements in order to support their integration into the Dutch employment market effectively. Nowadays you need to show off all kinds of amazing skills if you’re looking to get hired, and these e-learning platforms will offer the benefits and the support that is needed at this particular time.

This e-learning system is accessible for all of the newcomers regardless of their nationalities. And a great thing here is that most of the programs will be offered in multiple languages which include; Dutch, English, Tigrinya and Arabic.

With help from Aspiraties, Consul-Tech has the access to use an intelligent '3rd Party Robot System' that is created and programmed by the company. The idea behind it is that the robot will track all of the trainees' progress during the learning process. Also, the trainees will receive the needed guidance and monitoring while they have a continues learning.
Simply put, the '3rd Party Robot System' has been programmed to take the role of coaching these trainees, and it will make sure that all results are provided adequately, and the experience is as professional as it can possibly be.

Consul-Tech and Aspiraties have a similar mission and vision; they are encouraging the newcomers to engage and integrate into the labour market with a simplified path that is suitable to their education level by providing creative e-learning methods. It might seem very hard to the newcomers to enter an industry and achieve success in it, but at the end of the day, it is all a matter of understanding the process and accessing the best ways to improve.

This partnership is designed to provide an extraordinary experience for the newcomers, and they will get to learn everything they need from a distance by using the best interactive learning methods. Not only this, but they will also get the required certified certificates which are EU registered.
But the best thing is that they will also have the opportunity to improve their skills and even acquire new ones along the way, which will boost their personal life while also enhancing their career.

More news on this strategic partnership will be announced shortly as the platform is getting close to launch!