21 Mar

Search engine optimization is the relevancy your company has with various keywords. whatever is your business, you would want to rank high in Google searches. The more eyeballs on your product, the more your revenue goes up. It’s that simple

If your business is similar to the following types of companies, then digital marketing is something you need to consider.

1.     Entertainment 🎬

Companies now are spending months and sometimes even years advertising for a specific movie or series, revealing movie posters, so that when it finally drops, your mind is already primed to watch it. It's always about engagement with the fans in many ways. No better way to do that than by digital marketing?

2.     Law Firms 🏛

Are you surprised, lawyers are experts at communicating law, so an outlet like blogging "where lawyers really shine" allows them to share their expertise in a way that most people can't. People go online and read their information, and hire them as a result.

3.     Healthcare 🩺

77% of people admit that the first thing they do when something starts to feel off, unhealthy. They googling symptoms. Healthcare is the most important for the person. blogs, online portals and even specialist apps that allow them to interact with future patients. The more a person develops trust with a healthcare provider digitally, the more they tend to trust them in person.

4.     Food 🛒

If you’re in the food industry, this means you need innovation in marketing. Imagine this: you are on your phone in the afternoon, texting your friends about where you are going to eat that night, when all of a sudden, a coupon for a free burger (with the purchase of an additional one), shows up on your screen. Where are you going to go for dinner?

5.     Moving Companies 🏗

Every day a lot of people are looking to hire a mover they go simply online and type " moving company " even if your service standard or your skilled moving crew set your moving company apart, you will need to appear on the first couple pages on Google It’s definitely time for an SEO good plan.

6.     Auto Dealerships 🚘

You are a unique person, and so your car. For that reason, many automakers, and especially local dealerships, are spending less and less on traditional media, and more and more on digital marketing. After they realize how important digital marketing for this business to drives up sales.

Finally and frankly speaking in my opinion nowadays we can't disregard digital marketing for every company whether a startup or big one.

 ✍️ By: Nidal Arsuzi

To be continued ...

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