09 Mar

The Comfort Zone:

To be able to answer these questions we must know what is the Comfort Zone?

It is a fictional zone used metaphorically to indicate the psychological state of an individual in which they feel very happy, comfortable and satisfied about themselves, own knowledge and skills, even the people they are dealing with and places they live in. As they are all fixed and there are no variables, which can make individuals life free of challenges. And as we all know challenges that facing us in our life are what refine our skills and knowledge, hence achieving success and happiness, so it becomes so simple and clear. Fewer challenges, fewer skills and more challenges, more skills.

As development is an important feature of a successful person, they will not accept this recession which gives a false satisfactory impression, but they will look for new challenges and their life become a race against time to refine their skills and get more knowledge.

As we have agreed, this satisfactory state about self which is provided by the Comfort Zone is just a fake feeling. We must know about other zones among which we can teleport, so here we come to the second zone; The Panic Zone.

What is the panic zone? How could we know that we are in it? And how can we get out of it?

The Panic Zone:

Is an imaginary zone that indicates a psychological state of an individual when he/ she becomes alert that life is going on and their skills are the same, so there are no new ones even on their relationships with the surrounding people. Faces and places are the same which repeat itself, even their life confined to work and home. Only then their minds notice that success and happiness are far away.

Here comes the importance of this zone which announces the highest degree of emergency in the brain, so that the mind realizes the necessity of searching about the new challenges in life.

After anxiety prevailed in the human mind, and the highest degree of emergency is announced, the individual must come up with new solutions that guarantee happiness, and therefore success.

The Learning Zone:

Here comes the importance of the Learning Zone which is also an imaginary zone in which the mind quenches its’ thirst and uses all its' power to learn new helpful things which improve its capacity and efficiency.

And in this particular zone, successful people differ from losers as this zone is full of challenges which come with a lot of pain, but as we know the successful person whom success means many things to in life, is the only one who accept these challenges even they can sense the hidden pleasure behind them and fell psychologically comfort and happiness which will get at the end. But losers will give up at the first challenge to become their first step toward failure.

What is the relation between the three zones?

An important question may come to mind now what is the relation between the three zones?  And how can the individual teleport among them in a way that guarantees success and happiness?

It became agreed that staying in the Comfort Zone for a long time is dangerous and may become almost fatal in most cases, but staying in this zone depends on the mind and how fast it can react to this situation, and announce the emergency state so that it can start searching and developing. And as soon as the mind quenches its’ thirst and learn satisfactory amount of knowledge and skills, it moves again toward the Comfort Zone very happy with all what it achieved then life goes on again and the mind pays attention against that it needs more development, so it moves again to the Panic Zone which leads it to the Learning zone and so on.

That is how people spend their life moving between these Three Zones which mean they spend their life learning and developing their selves which lead them to success and happiness, and that is what they hope from life.

Last but not least, we mention what the famous American writer mark twain once said; "all you need in your life is ignorance and confidence and then success is sure."

So, ignorance is a natural feature of human being and if you have enough confidence about yourself it will lead you eventually to success.

 In which zone are you in? if you are in the Comfort Zone and were there for a long time then you must move toward learning zone, and if you are in the Panic Zone and alert siren become louder in your mind you must move toward the Learning Zone to increase your knowledge and improve your skills which will be your weapons in your journey to success.

To be continued ...

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