18 Jul
From the Free English Courses in Groningen last Friday 👨🏻‍🏫
We are so happy with all of the positive energy and vibes that our team is using for accomplishing the purpose of this unique project for two years now already 🎯

In 2018, we have started with two groups of 40 participants. Then in 2019, we had three different groups with different levels (A0, A1 and A2) that have included in it around +75 newcomers from different nationalities and backgrounds 🌏

Today, and because of the Corona and the new rules, we are continuing with two different groups within a less participation number, but with extra positive energy and a real learning commitment from the participants' side 📈

Through MJD Groningen and the #European_Union, we were able to fund these programs for two years now. And we were able to develop the English knowledge of more than +125 registered newcomers out of +300 received applications 🎓

Credits for; Lama Mukahel, #Basel_Alamroush en Aghyad Al-Sherfawi.

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