07 Jul
Another training program has been rounded this week of our employment and entrepreneurship training series; 'Migranten Aan Zet op de Arbeidsmarkt', In #Groningen 🌟

A great commitment has been seen from the participants' side in order to understand the #Dutch_labour_market and the basic regulations in comparison to their own previous experience in their home countries 🌏
Also, so much enthusiasm has been observed for starting their real productive life which could be done through starting their own businesses or through having a training opportunity at the potential workplace, or even through a volunteering possibility which will help them in achieving their aimed dream job 🎯

Many thanks for all of the parties who have been a part of the success of this training series, namely; MJD Groningen, Gemeente Groningen; #Thuisin050 and the #EU for funding these great productive initiatives.

Today, another 'Migranten Aan Zet op de Arbeidsmarkt' training will end with great committed participants 🎓
But again, we will start with a new training group next week with new enthusiast participants who are seeking to be productive in Dutch society in order to be independent 🚀

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