26 Nov

From the unique training program 'My Talent' which is launched by Stichting Syrische Vrijwilligers Nederland - SYVNL and Funded by Celanese Corporation 🤝

We are happy to cooperate and take a roll in this unique program for the second time by empowering the participants with the needed skills and competences in order to reach the Dutch labour market professionally 🇳🇱

We are very satisfied to see that the participants are getting more used to the online training method through learning and understanding how do applications and software function which makes it easier to connect with others day after day in this crisis 🌟 But also for us as trainers, organisers and coordinators, it is amazing to see that we are able now to transfer any traditional training to an intensive and interactive one through using these commonly daily used apps 🤓

All the thanks for everyone who has contributed to the success of this webinar!

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CONSUL-TECH 🌐 #Partners_in_groei