30 Mar

A habit is a continuous routine of performance. We do repeat this performance regularly and behave to do it unconsciously. Sometimes a habit is caused due to an objective, but by the passage of time, these objectives become unimportant, and habit becomes regular. 

Here is the list of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People;

1. Be proactive:

It means to take responsibility for your own life. Active people never blame heredities, situations and environments for their actions. They have a natural requirement to hold an impact on the world around them. They never waste their time just responding to outer actions and situations. Such people remain active and accept accountability for their life.

"Adopt a perspective of responsibility for your actions, reactions, and results."

2. Begin with the end in mind:

Try to figure out who you are and what do you need/ want in your life, otherwise, you will give a chance to others to form you and your life on their own way regardless what does fit you. So, effective people never waste their lives working without a purpose, they always have a dream for the future. So, they bring into line their activities accordingly to make it happens.

"Make sure your efforts start with the establishment of your principles."

3. First things first:

This habit is the combination of the 1st and the 2nd habit, and this habit occurs minute by minute.
Effective people arrange their work and emphasis on what is initially important. It means that they also work first on the things that help them to achieve their future dreams. They never divert their attention due to the urgent but unimportant works.

"Spend your time on important things, not on urgent things."

4. Think win-win:

This habit is the structure of the mind, thoughts and heart that continuously finds mutual advantages in all human communications. While talking with others, effective people never hold the major piece of the cake, instead, they create a satisfactory distribution for all.

"Approach every interaction with the perspective of trying to fix the system, not the person, to find the solution that is best for all involved."

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood:

This habit shows us how we can cooperatively deal with situations that arise from the Win-Win situations when we are trying to work together with others while taking into account our differences.
However, the author draws our attention to a general tendency to rush into peoples' issues and try to fix them by giving advice which often fails.

"Meet people’s needs to be understood, establish trust, and communicate your emotions; communicate your logic last."

6. Synergize:

Harmony is the habit of creative collaboration. Effective people accept the instructive attitude in a group. The assistance of several people is always more than the help of a single person. It supports them to get objectives that they have never touched on their own.

"Combine the first five habits for an exponentially higher level of effective and cooperative daily interaction."

7. Sharpen the Saw; Growth:

It means to preserve and increase the highest advantages you have.
Effective people never work themself to death. They struggle for a supportive way of life that bears their time to improve, reactive, and become real in the long-term.

"Take the time to maintain and renew your mind, body, emotions, and spirit."


The purpose of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to make your life more effective. Effective people present a verified procedure of personal and mutual development that can have an instant and permanent impact. And The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People depends on an inside-out strategy to become more effective. It needs not only our constant struggle but also our tolerance. 

To be continued ...

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