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My Journey Never Ends! V.1

Together with 'Samen Team' #Humanitas_multicultureel, we have presented to the 'AIESEC' members the real meaning of being a refugee in a host country. Moreover, Aghyad AlSherfawi has shared his story as a 'New-comer' in the Netherlands. Also, he has insight into the struggles he has faced during his journey to reach his current situation ⭐

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EHBO Training - Groningen. 01 Apr, 2018

From the first aid training workshop in Groningen. Van de eerste hulp cursus in Groningen. .Groningen من فعاليات دورة الإسعافات الأولية في

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EHBO Training - Apeldoorn. 03 Mar, 2018

.Apeldoorn من فعاليات دورة الإسعافات الأولية في Van de eerste hulp cursus in Apeldoorn.

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How it feels to be a refugee speech to 'AIESEC' members.

SAMEN is een initiatief van een aantal vrijwilligers en vluchtelingen die betrokken zijn bij de maatschappelijke begeleiding van nieuwkomers.

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Dagblad Van Het Noorden

An article about the refugee's talent in the work environment in Netherlands.

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Human Library day by 'Humanitas'

The Human Library is an international organization and movement that first started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000 with the aim to challenge prejudice against social contact among people.

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